Entry 1537 — My New Article

I just sent a link that allows those who click it to read my just-posted article at the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts for free to a bunch of ppeople including, I’m sure, some of you.  Alas, I’m sure I’ve missed others I should have sent the link to if I weren’t so scatter-brained.  If you didn’t get one and want to read my article, just email a request to me at bobgrumman@nut-n-but.net.

I consider the article as much a little anthology of good stuff as much as anything: it has works by Marton Koppany, Karl Kempton, Irving Weiss, Kathy Ernst, Ed Conti, Kaz Maslanka, John Keats , and–needless to say–me.  Those of you what are filthy rich I hope will actually pay to read it.  I’m not sure how to do this–I have all kinds of trouble at the site, but  this page may help you. I’m having a horrible time with the Internet right now–I’m fairly sure my ccomputer has some king of vvirus.  If you pay to read it, it will help make the editors more likely to publish something else of mine, which will be for the good of poetry!!!



3 Responses to “Entry 1537 — My New Article”

  1. Marton Koppany says:

    Many thanks, Bob, for this very original mathemaesthetic close reading of specimens of visual poetry!

  2. Bob Grumman says:

    Thanks, Conrad and Marton. Now if only I can get Harold Bloom to read it. . . .

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